CCS Programmers & Debuggers

Hardware development solutions designed to
fit your needs and budget

ICD-U64 Debugger/Programmer

  • Fast & Easy-to-use
  • Complete & Cost Effective
  • USB Connection to PC
  • Power Target Board Through USB
  • ICD & ICSP™ Programmer/Debugger
  • Debug Support Covers all Targets

LOAD-n-GO Handheld Programmer

  • Flexible & Self-contained Programmer
  • ICD & ICSP™ Programmer/Debugger
  • Option to Power Through: USB, Battery, or 9VAC
  • 2MB Internal SD Flash Card
  • Ability to Load up to 4 Different Programs
  • Option to Power Target Board
  • Automatic Shutoff to Conserve Battery Life

Mach X Programmer

  • Versatile and High-Speed
  • ZIF Socket or ICSP™ programmer/debugger
  • Program & Read HEX & COF Files
  • Use as Standalone ICD or USB Connection
  • Automatic Serial Numbering Options
  • Efficient Batch Programming Options
  • Internal Oscillator to Calculate and Program Calibration Constants

Prime8 Production Programmer

  • 8-Gang Production Programmer
  • On-board 2MB SD Flash Card
  • Store up to 4 Deployable Programs
  • Use as Standalone Programmer
  • Optional Control with Included CCSLOAD Software
  • Option to Program using a Separate API
  • Green/Pass, Red/Fail LEDs for Each Target

Accelerate Your Product Development

CCS development tools can get your embedded project up and running quickly. Whether you are just loading up a board in the lab, programming a small production run or updating products in the field, CCS offers a range of debugging and programming hardware and software designed to meet your needs and fit your budget.

  • C-Aware Real Time Debugger is integrated into the compiler IDE and provides a robust and seamless debugging environment, debugging at the C source code level
  • In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP™) for all devices that support ICSP
  • Data Streaming support in ICD-U64 and Mach X to obtain Real-time diagnostic data and more
  • CCSLOAD Programmer and Control Software included with each purchase of a Programmer/Debugger

CCSLOAD - CCS Programmer Control Software

CCSLOAD, our FREE Programmer Control Software, supports all CCS Programmers and Debuggers. CCSLOAD features a Windows user interface with extensive diagnostics, serialization, and security options. Windows support for 98, XP, NT Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. The command line interface will run on Linux and Windows.