Prime8 Production Programmer

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Prime8 Production Programmer
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Prime8 Side View

The Prime8 production programmer has eight high-speed ISCP™ jacks for high volume programming. Ideal for production environments, it can operate as a stand-alone production programmer with its USB Flash card reader, or with CCS software on the PC. Program up to 8 devices individually or concurrently.

New Revision Updates:

  • 4.3" Touchscreen LCD user interface to menus and actions when using in standalone mode. Menu in a graphical display for easy icons to read any touch to activate.
  • Aluminum enclosure is a smaller, sleek design and more durable for industrial use.
  • Flash drive readability and faster programming speed.

Prime8 Advantages:

  • 8 MB Internal Flash for Storing up to 4 Individual & Deployable Programs
  • Up-to 8 selectable targets
  • Can supply up to 200 mA to each target
  • Supports 2.0V to 5V targets
  • Optional PC Control using CCSLOAD Software or using an API other software
  • Green/Pass, Red/Fail simulated LEDs for each target

Control Menu Features:

  • Instruct to Program Device
  • Verify Program Status
  • Enable Individual Targets
  • Specify Hex File
  • Read Device Serial ID
  • Create Unique Serial Numbers

Prime8 Key Features:

  • ICSP functionality with CCS C-Aware IDE Compilers
  • Supports all Microchip PIC® MCU or Flash Devices
  • Standalone Programmer or Powers & Connects with USB
  • Includes FREE CCSLOAD Software
  • Drivers available for Linux and Windows (32 or 64-bit)
  • RoHS Compliant

CCSLOAD FREE programmer control software supports the Prime8 and offers many new key features including; powerful command line options in Windows/Linux, extensive diagnostics, easy to use production interface, and enhanced security options.

Prime8 can be paired with Tag-Connect, a cost saving production ICSP Programming cable that eliminates the need for a ICSP connector on your product. Tag Connect provides a direct pin-to-circuit connection, saving space on your PCB. The modular end works with existing ICD programmers as well as the Prime8.

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