CCSLOAD - CCS Programmer Control Software

CCSLOAD makes programming easy and faster then before! No longer use separate software for programming. CCSLOAD combined with a CCS programmer (ICD-U64, ICD-U80, Mach X, LOAD-n-GO, and Prime8) will allow you to program your chip in two simple steps and save you time. You have the ability to use this as a standalone program or through the CCS C-Aware IDE.

Our FREE CCS Programmer Control Software, supports all CCS Programmers and Debuggers. CCSLOAD features a Windows user interface with extensive diagnostics, serialization, and security options. Windows support for XP, NT, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. The command line interface will run on Linux and Windows.

Key CCSLOAD Features

Production Interface

  • Easy-to-use GUI - Simply Point, Click, and Program
  • HEX File Organization - Easily Associate Comments or a Graphic Image to a File
  • Hands-Free Mode - Automatically Programs Each Time a New Target is Connected to the Programmer
  • Audio Cues - Intuitively Indicates Pass or Fail of a Program Load

Command Line Options

  • OS Support - Powerful Controls through Windows or Linux
  • Operational Settings - Specified at the Execution Level
  • Easy Set-up - Perform Tasks like Save, Set Target VDD, and more...
  • Presets - Operational or Control Settings
  • Batch Files - Simplify Routine or Repetitive Programming

Extensive Diagnostics

  • Quick Pin Testing - Each target pin connection can be individually tested
  • Verifications - Programming and Debugging is Tested Against Known Successful Programs
  • Driver Tests - Quickly Identify Specific Driver Installation Problems

Enhanced Security Options

  • Device Level Deletion - Erase Chips with Failed Programs
  • Program Encryption - Ensure Protected Code Cannot be Read After Programming
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) - File wide detection of data transmission errors

Automatic Serial Numbering Options

  • Use Program Memory or Data EEPROM
  • Incremented from a File List or by User Prompt
  • Use Binary, ASCII or UNICODE strings

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