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Column Editing IDE Feature

Monday 12 June, 2023

The Editor in the V5 IDE has a column editing feature. This is useful if there are several lines that start or contain the same block of text but need to be replaced or edited. To use this feature, press the CTRL key on the keyboard while using the left mouse button on the mouse to select a block of text. Pressing DEL will delete that block of text, or typing will replace the text within the block with new text you type on each line.

This can also be used to simply insert the same text at a given spot on a group of lines. To do that select a thin column where you want the text inserted.

There are situations wherein there is a need to make repetitive but identical changes to each line, or copy a block of text and then add the same text or spacing to each line when editing source code. Column editing allows a way to enter or delete text on multiple rows at once.

Access this feature by pressing the CTRL key while making a selection with the left mouse button. This enables selecting a rectangular region to be able to type to replace its contents, paste over it, or delete it.

The following are some examples.

1. Editing identical variable types

Column Editing

In the above illustration, column select the "int" type, and then simply type "unsigned int", to all 3 lines at once.

2. Working with Enums

Maintain Tabbing

Above shows a selected rectangle consisting of all of the enum variants to avoid copying the spacing. Pasting it into the switch statement maintains its tabbing. Next insert "case" into each line by simply column select the space before "SHAPE" and type "case".