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Regards from Sweden

Friday 21 October, 2005

CCS is always happy to receive positive feedback from customers, and this excerpt from the PIC List web forum is no exception:

"CCS is an outstanding company. Monday afternoon (10/10) I ordered their Mach X Programmer and today (12/10) it has been delivered to my door... Bear in mind that there is a time difference of 6-9 hours between the US and Sweden so in practice it was delivered in less than 2 days. Incredible.

I am a very satisfied customer having used their compilers for eight years. Last year I bought their USB evaluation kit and they had included a European power supply. Ready to run out of the box. Great!"

- A customer in Sweden

CCS aims to provide high-quality development tools at a very low cost allowing customers the ability to immediately begin their development projects. As observed by the customer, we provide all the items necessary to get started with your project the same day the items arrive at your door step.

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