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Help By E-Mail

Friday 21 October, 2005

E-mail can be a very effective way to get help from CCS. Here are a few helpful hints to to best utilize our e-mail program...

  • Like other companies CCS gets a lot of SPAM, and we now use a SPAM filtering service to reject SPAM. If you have trouble getting through please call so we can exempt your address.
  • 92% of the e-mail sent to CCS is answered within a day (81% within 4 business hours). If your e-mail is not answered within 6 business hours you will get a automatic response to let you know we got your e-mail. If you do not get this then either we did not get your e-mail or your return address is bad. We get e-mails every week from people who do not have a valid address set for the sender.
  • To get an immediate (10 minutes) reply to your email include the 3 characters {?} on the subject line. Our system will then notify you as soon as it is assigned a tracking number.
  • To get a list of all the e-mails you recently sent and the status include a {*} on the subject line. These e-mails should not also contain a problem report since they are discarded.
  • The response will be much faster if you can point directly to the problem and/or include ready to compile code so we can recreate it here. Much of the 2% of e-mail we take over a week to answer is because we are not able to easily see the problem.
  • If you have report a bug and a compiler fix is required we wait until the fix is made and tested before we send you a response e-mail. If the fix is not released until after your download rights expire, just let us know and they will be extended.
  • If you are feeling ignored feel free to send us an e-mail asking for a more detailed status update. Including the tracking number will help to get you a fast response.