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Tech Note: New Advanced RFID driver in the CCS C Compiler!

Thursday 29 August, 2019

CCS has added an new driver, pr9200.c, for communication with a Phychips RED5 UHF RFID reader module. The RED5 is a hybrid module which integrates a Phychips PR9200 high performance UHF RFID reader chipset, TCXO, Balun, Coupler, Saw filter, Power amp and low pass filter. The driver contains all the necessary functions and settings to communicate with the RED5 module to detect, read and write ISO-18000-6C EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID tags.

The driver communicates with the RED5 module via a UART connection, and has defines for selecting the pins to use for the communication along with options. It includes selecting whether to use the PIC® MCU hardware CRC peripheral or a software CRC for doing the CRC16 for messages sent to and received from the RED5 module. The driver contains functions for getting or setting every parameter the RED5 module has, for example, getting and setting the Region, TX Power Level, Session, Frequency Hopping Table, etc., as well as functions for detecting, reading and writing UHF RFID tags. Additionally, almost every function has the option of being cooperative or waiting for a response. For some functions, like setting the TX Power Level, it may be okay to call the function and wait for a response. However in some cases, doing a tag detection, which, depending on the parameter passed to it, can take multiple seconds to finish, it may be preferred to start the process and then return so the PIC can execute other code while waiting for the RED5 module to respond and process those responses as they are received.

CCS's new pr9200.c driver for communicating with a Phychips RED5 mode has all the necessary functionality to get your UHF RFID project started easily and quickly.

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