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EZ App Lynx V 2.0 - Released with New Features

Wednesday 18 March, 2015

A new version of EZ App Lynx has been released, which encompasses an update to the Android Application on the Google Play store and the EZ App Lynx framework library that comes with the CCS C Compiler. Not only does this update improve stability and reduce communication errors, it also adds many new features.

The most significant improvement is the ability to add styles. In the framework library API, the function EZAppStylesROM() allows the user to add one more style configuration. A style can contain configuration information such as text sizes, colors, spacing, margins and alignment. Once a style configuration has been added, all following UI elements added through the framework library will continue using the previously defined styles. The following example shows how a style was used to change the background color and add a border to each UI element, which was not supported in the previous version of the framework:

Another area of improvement is the handling of strings. A string field can now be added to the screen that contains both a header on the left, and the dynamic content on the right. The text style for the header portion on the left can differ from the text on the right. A string field can also be added that is writable from the smartphone/tablet host, allowing the user to add editable strings. This is done through the new framework function EZAppFieldText(). Also, string fields can be specified to read from EEPROM or other external memory devices. Here is an example of an editable string:

The user now has more options when it comes to creating buttons with the new framework function EZAppAddFieldButtons(). This function empowers the user to create:

* More than one button on the row
* Configure the buttons to fill up the entire horizontal space of the row
* Add an inset status LED on each button

The buttons may be configured to be a one-statue button, where it sends a set bit when the button is being held down on the smartphone/tablet. It will then send a cleared bit when the button is not being held down on the smartphone/tablet.

Buttons also have their own style configuration, using EZAppStylesROM(), for the user to configure the color and appearance of the button. Here is an example of 3 buttons on one row, filling the entire row horizontally, with inset status LEDs:

The Android App now supports the RN4020 Bluetooth module in MLDP mode. The RN4020 is a Bluetooth Low Energy module, and the MLDP mode provides a serial data delivery similar to SPP of Bluetooth Classic modules. Work is in development on an iOS version of the App that supports the RN4020 module (the iOS version will not support SPP like the Android app). The CCS C Compiler provides a new driver for the RN4020 module.

The EZ App Lynx framework allows one to quickly develop smartphone and tablet solutions that communicate with the PICmicro over Bluetooth. For more information about EZ App Lynx, see

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