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Windows 8.1 Support Tips and the New CCS App

Monday 03 March, 2014

CCS, Inc. is pleased to announce its Windows 8.1 compatibility. Below are some tips to consider while using Windows 7, 8 & 8.1:

  • No need to troubleshoot compatibility
  • Even with User Account Control disabled, you will sometimes need to run the IDE as administrator.
    • For example if you change the installation files.
    • Note that even though you are the administrator it does not mean the program will run as administrator. You will have to manually select "Run as administrator" yourself.
    • To run as administrator simply right-click the Compiler icon on the desktop and select: "Run as administrator"
    • Running the installer may also require running as admin.
  • It is highly recommended to use the Windows 8.1 default directory structure
    • Projects must be saved in a location the compiler has permission to access. Under "My Documents" is best. To locate the project directory that is setup during installation use:
      • Windows 7: Start > All Programs > PIC-C > Project Dir
      • Windows 8: Start Screen > Search: "Project Dir" > Select top result
    • Use "C:Program FilesPICC" on 32-bit systems, or "C:Program Files (x86)PICC" on 64-bit systems for install location
    • This will prevent possible problems during usage

CCS has published a New Windows 8 App available for download through the Windows Store. Downloading the app provides access everything from CCS in one place. Features of the new CCS App:

  1. Access to the CCS C Compiler: Easily launch the compiler from the app with a single click!
  2. Launch CCSLOAD: For quick programming of chips!
  3. Automatic Alerts: For updates for CCS software tools!
  4. Recent Projects: Easily open a project from the file directory where C projects are saved.
  5. News Articles: Find the most recent news articles from CCS all in one place. Catch up on the latest CCS has to offer with this handy feature!

We invite you to download the Free CCS Windows 8 App from the Windows Store today!
The CCS Windows 8 App and Compiler Software Products are compatible with Windows versions 8 and 8.1.

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