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Venture to the Bottom of the Ocean with CCS!

Friday 13 August, 2010

CCS announcing that software embedded in a Sony high definition camera used in the Nautilus Live Expedition was developed using the company's code optimizing C compiler. Catch the current expedition of the Eratosthenes Seamount live from August 15th - 30th at The Nautilus Live website also includes blogs, photos and video highlights from the most recent expeditions which explore ancient shipwrecks and an underwater volcano.

Tasked with developing a camera that would function at deep ocean depths under low light conditions, the developer's chose Microchip's PIC® PIC18F2620 microcontroller to handle focus, iris setting, zoom and white balancing functions. Engineers chose development tools from CCS to accelerate their product development, freeing them to concentrate on design functionality instead of having to become microcontroller architecture experts.

The underwater expeditions demonstrate the diversity of applications the Microchip PIC®MCU and CCS development tools can be used for. Stay tuned to learn about the latest projects using CCS development tools.