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New CCS Mobile In-Circuit Programming Webinar

Monday 24 May, 2010

CCS has produced a new Mobile Programming Webinar to help customers become immediately productive with the battery operated Load-n-Go hand-held ICSP™ programmer. This exciting, new webinar will show you how to update your stand-alone products in the field without the need for a PC.

You will:

  • Enable your field support technicians and engineers to load new software in deployed products and keep them running at peak performance

  • Use the CCSLoad Programmer Control Software to store programs in the Load-n-Go hand-held programmer for multiple product configurations

  • Quickly locate and resolve programming issues

  • Learn how the battery operated Load-n-Go can program devices in-circuit, even when the target system is powered down

View the webinar at

The Load-n-Go programmer/debugger used in the webinar provides programming support for Microchip's PIC® MCU and dsPIC® DSC families. Running on four AA batteries, this device performs rapid field programming of targets with up to four firmware images. It also can be used as an in-circuit debugger with the C-Aware Debugger software included in CCS IDE Compilers.

The Load-n-Go ships with everything needed to jump start your product development - power supply, batteries, programming and USB cables and programmer control software. It can be paired with Tag-Connect (not included), a cost saving ICSP™ programming cable that eliminates the need for an ICSP™ connector on the target board. Tag-Connect provides a direct pin-to-PCB connection that reduces component count and cost of your end product.

The Load-n-Go programmer is in-stock and available now.

  • Load-n-Go Hand-held Programmer - $199

  • Tag Connect - $30

IDE Compiler owners can purchase the Load-n-Go for $149!