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New CCS C Compiler Quick Start Webinar

Thursday 15 April, 2010

CCS has produced a new C Compiler Quick Start Webinar to help customers become immediately productive with CCS development tools. This exciting, new webinar will show you how easy it is to go from a blank sheet of paper to a blinking LED in less than five minutes!

You will:

- Learn how the CCS color coded text editor simplifies design entry
- See how CCS provided built-in functions speed up software development
- Quickly locate and correct design errors
- Program devices in-circuit and modify the blink rate on the fly with the CCS ICD-U64 In-Circuit Programmer/Debugger

View the webinar at

The PIC16F877A Development Kit used in the webinar features the powerful CCS PCW C compiler with support for Microchip's PIC® PIC10, PIC12 and PIC16 families, an ICD-U64 in-circuit programmer/debugger and a prototyping board with power supply, cables and hardware accessories to jump start your product development. CCS is offering a $25 discount through May 30th on the development kit to coincide with the webinar release. Enter discount code 877AWEB when ordering the kit.