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CCS C Compiler New Version Release - 4.100

Wednesday 18 November, 2009

Version 4.100 features full support of the Enhanced Mid-range core architecture, a host of general productivity enhancements, a rich library of capacitive-touch functions and improved capability for compiling Microchip-style code.

The Enhanced Mid-range support, available in compilers that support 14-bit opcodes, has special built-in functions to reduce code size up to 18% by using optimized string handling and new syntax extensions. Look for the PIC16F1937 Development Kit in December 2009 to begin development with this unique architecture.

Other key changes programmers will find more productive include:
- Switch statements to allow string arguments
- New command-line option to add a source line to the start of a file
- De-referencing of function pointers no longer required
- New Pre-processor function to determine the use of a C identifier
- Edge detection on interrupts allowed
- New function to find port pins that have been changed
- #build/ #export improve interfacing to bootloaders and libraries (example set included)

Special Note to All Customers:
If your compiler had download rights for PCM support as of 01-JUL-09, you have been extended rights to download new versions until 30-NOV-09.

CCS will be releasing additional features throughout November. Many more improvements will follow in December. If you do not have maintenance after 30-NOV-09, contact sales or view your account history at