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24-bit CAN Applications Available on the New CAN BUS 24 Kit

Thursday 08 October, 2009

Add more memory and power to CAN applications utilizing the power of the NEW CAN Bus 24 development kit- featuring the PIC24HJ256GP610! The PIC24HJ256GP610 integrates two ECAN bus controllers each handling up to 32 buffers capable of handling 8 bytes of data, of which, up to 8 buffers are programmable as transmit or receive buffers. The buffers can also be set to receive in FIFO mode. Automatic RTR response functions for all 8 transmit buffers can be set, as well as,16 programmable filters and 3 programmable masks.

The new CAN Bus 24 development kit has four nodes that are able to transmit and receive messages from the network. CAN Bus 24 offers a secure communication channel to exchange up to 8 bytes between several network nodes.

Node A: A PIC24HJ56GP610 which includes an integrated CAN peripheral.

Node B: A dsPIC30F4012 connected to an MCP2515 (external CAN peripheral SPI interface).

Node C & D: MCP25050s (stand-alone CAN expanders) pre-programmed by CCS to respond to specific CAN IDs.

Nodes A-C: Have potentiometer, three LEDs and three pushbuttons connections. Node D is connected to a 7-segmented LED.

The ECAN module is completely backwards compatible with the original CAN module- so give CAN Bus 24 a try today!

Development kit for compiler owners only $211.00