Frequently Asked Questions

How much current can a CCS Programmer/Debugger supply?

CCS programmers/debuggers can supply power to a target board for programming and debugging without a target board power supply. The following chart specifies the maximum amount of current that can be supplied to the target board by the programmer/debugger.

Programmer Voltage Output
  2.5 V 3.3 V 5.0 V Battery
ICD-U64 X 200 mA 200 mA X
Mach X 60 mA 75 mA 100 mA X
LOAD-n-GO 150-200 mA 225 mA 400-500 mA 125-175 mA
Prime8 175 mA 175 mA 175 mA X

* Need to install jumper in ICD-U64 to supply power to target board

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