Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the compiler use the obsolete TRIS?

The use of TRIS causes concern for some users. The Microchip data sheets recommend not using TRIS instructions for upward compatibility. If you had existing ASM code and it used TRIS then it would be more difficult to port to a new Microchip part without TRIS. C does not have this problem, however; the compiler has a device database that indicates specific characteristics for every part. This includes information on whether the part has a TRIS and a list of known problems with the part. The latter question is answered by looking at the device errata.

CCS makes every attempt to add new devices and device revisions as the data and errata sheets become available.

PCW users can edit the device database. If the use of TRIS is a concern, simply change the database entry for your part and the compiler will not use it.

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