Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the CCS Scenix compiler with the Parallax SX-Key emulator?

A major hang-up with users trying to use SX-Key emulator software with the CCS C compiler is that the user expects the CCS C compiler to output a .src file for SX-Key. The SX-Key software can load up compiled debugging information in the form of .cod, .hex and .lst files.

First, you need to download the latest version of SX-Key or use a modified version of SX-Key. Both can be found at

Second, to tell SX-Key to use the compiled debugging information you need to pass a special set of command line parameters to the SX-Key software:
path-to-sxckey\sxkey /b @source path-to-compiled-file\compiled-file
Where path-to-sxckey is where you installed the SXCKey program. Path-to-compiled-file is the path where you compiled your program. If compiling sx_sqw from the standard installation of CCS SXC then the path-to-compiled-file would be C:\program files\picc\examples.

Compiled-file is the file you compiled, in this example sx_sqw.

Note: Do not include the extension in Compiled-file. Telling it just sx_sqw is enough, SXKey is smart enough to load the .hex/.cod/.lst file based off just sx_sqw and no extension.

This is documented in SX-Key, but not in the standard manual. You can use this method to load any compiled source into SX-Key. This is documented in Parallax's document explaining how to incorporate SX-Key with the Bytecraft C compiler, and can be downloaded using the link provided above. (Look for SX Tech Bot - C Language)

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