Wi-Fi (3.3V) EZ Web Lynx Development Kit

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Wi-Fi (3.3V) EZ Web Lynx Development Kit
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This development kit includes all hardware, software and documentation needed to speed integration of the EZ Web Lynx WiFi module into your design. Monitor and control analog and digital I/O on the docking station using custom HTML tags. Use the IDE to develop custom dynamic web pages and send alarm/status emails simply by programming in HTML. Runs at 3.3V.

Development Kit Includes:

* Docking Station Features:

  • 20-pin connector for EZ Web Lynx WiFi module
  • Terminal block for user access to module I/O pins
  • Connector for 2 x 16 character LCD module (LCD module not included)
  • RS232 level converter and serial connector with isolator DIP switch for communication to PC
  • Potentiometer for emulation of analog inputs
  • Pushbuttons for emulation of digital inputs
  • Dallas DS1631 temperature sensor with isolator DIP switch
  • Indicator LEDs to monitor module I/O
  • Two octal DIP switches for isolation and steering of on-board analog and digital inputs to module pins
  • Connector for In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer used for firmware updates or custom firmware development (In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer sold separately)