EZ Web Lynx 3.3V

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EZ Web Lynx 3.3V
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Use HTML to add monitoring and control capability from any internet-ready mobile device or PC to your products. The module contains an integrated web server to bridge it's 17 I/O pins to any 10BASE-T Ethernet port. Upload custom web pages and use custom HTML tags to access and control all device I/O. Runs at 3.3V.

EZ Web Lynx 3.3V Advantages:

  • 17 I/O pins (6 can be analog). Analog inputs have a range from Vdd to GND and a resolution of (Vdd-GND)/256
  • 2 I/O pins can communicate with Dallas sensors over an I2C bus to monitor temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • 2 I/O pins can be used to implement a serial communications channel
  • 256 8-bit volatile and non-volatile registers are provided for data storage
  • Configurable serial capture buffer allows EZ Web Lynx to automatically capture a specific frame of serial data based on user specified start and stop conditions

EZ Web Lynx 3.3V Key Features:

  • Integrated web server bridges device I/O to Ethernet
  • Serves custom HTML dynamic web pages for displaying data
  • Sends email notifications of event driven alarms and/or daily status
  • Serial AT command interface allows user to configure and operate the device without a network connection
  • UDP server interface included to accept AT commands and works with the EZ Web Lynx IDE to configure the device
  • HTTP CGI interface commands can be issued to the EZ Web Lynx using HTTP CGI GET and POST commands
  • Permits full modification of its networking settings, allowing easy integration into networks
  • Device Lock password protects EZ Web Lynx from changing the configuration of the device
  • Pin Lock allows I/O pins to be locked in their current state to prevent mode configurations from being modified

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