Rapid 18 Bundle and Single-Chip Compiler

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Rapid 18 Bundle and Single-Chip Compiler
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PIC18F4523 Single-Chip IDE Compiler included. No device programmer required - includes onboard programming capabilites.

This easy-to-use PIC18 development kit has a built-in bootloader for loading code and a USB port for text communication to the running program. Microchip's PIC® PIC18F4523 provides advanced peripherals including a 12-bit ADC. The prototyping board features a PIC18F4523 attached to a potentiometer, two pushbuttons, and three LEDs.

Rapid 18 Prototyping Board (Size: 4.25" x 2.88") includes:

Prototyping Board Image
  • PIC18F4523 Microchip PIC® MCU
  • 24 I/O Pins (11 can be 12-bit analog)
  • One Potentiometer
  • Two Pushbuttons
  • Three LEDs
  • USB Connector (with USB to PIC® UART interface)
  • ICD Jack
  • Keypad Socket (for 3x4 keypad)
  • 16x2 Character LCD
  • Piezo Speaker/Buzzer
  • Relay and Dry Contacts
  • Real Time Clock/Calendar with Supercap

Rapid 18 Bundle includes:

  • Rapid 18 Prototyping Board
  • PIC18F4523 Single-Chip IDE Compiler
  • Exercise Book
  • 9V AC Adapter and USB Cable
  • Extra Parts: Thermistor and 1K Resistor

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