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CCS C Compiler IDE Statistics:
Code Metrics for Project Management

Code Metrics Paper

Code Metric results are often used to assist embedded system programmers and designers with a deeper understanding of their code efficiencies. The CCS C Compiler IDE measures and calculates the most common metrics used in C Code. These metrics include: Functions, Statements and Comments; Halstead's Complexity Metrics; Cyclomatic Complexity; and Maintainability Index. Software project managers can use these results to identify problems in source code, program efficiencies, and determine test procedures. When used carefully the code metrics provided by the CCS C IDE can speed up decision making processes, provide justification for software decisions, increase system resources and ultimately reduce costs. Download to see more...

Optimization and Overhead:
Using the CCS C Compiler for PIC® MCU Targets

Optimization and Overhead Paper

Imagine saving so much time while writing code, you could actually take your two week vacation. This is now possible, due to the popularity of C on micro controllers. Because writing in C takes a fraction of the time it takes to write the same code in Assembly, many embedded engineers are finding the CCS, Inc. C compiler to be the best solution. The intention of this paper is to analyze the overhead of memory used, while employing a C compiler as opposed to Assembly for PIC® MCU projects. The example code and the numbers used in this paper are for a 14-bit opcode target processor. Keep in mind that while 12-bit targets are going to be a little less optimized, 16-bit targets will be even more optimized, given the same scenarios. Download to see more...

The Hidden Cost of Free C Compilers

Hidden Cost Paper

Free C compilers distributed by semiconductor manufacturers can cost companies thousands of dollars in component costs by forcing them to use larger, more expensive microcontrollers than what is really necessary. These compilers typically have most optimizations shut off, increasing code size and requiring the engineer to select a device with more program memory. Download to see more...

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