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ccsbootloader.exe 1.6 problem

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ccsbootloader.exe 1.6 problem
PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 4:57 pm     Reply with quote

I don't know how to use the ccsbootloader.exe 1.6 program available for download from the ccs website. I have been trying for so long to understand bootloaders and I'm at my wits end...

I am running the ex_bootloader.c with a pic18f4620.

#fuses is the same for my code.hex file but I can't even get there since I'm struggling to get the examples from CCS working.


#include <18F4620.h>
#use delay( crystal=20MHz )
//#use rs232(icd)                                  //Text through the ICD
#use rs232(baud=115200, xmit=PIN_C6, rcv=PIN_C7) //Text through the UART
#define P_BTN_BOOT_SW2            PIN_B5


#include <bootloader.h>
#include <loader.c>

//#org LOADER_END+1,LOADER_END+2 // Example default for PIC16

void application(void) {

void main(void) {

      printf("\r\nBootloader Version 1.0\r\n");
      // Let the user know it is ready to accept a download
      printf("\r\nWaiting for download...");


void isr(void) {

So this compiles and uploads to my pic18f4620 just fine, and I am able to put it into bootmode by pressing a button on PIN_B5 to pull it low and resetting it with a button on MCLR. The text appears to load the bootloader.

I disconnect Tera Term (which I used to confirm it is ready for a bootloader) but I cannot get the ccsbootloader.exe program to do anything. Same results if I don't use Tera Term at all and push the buttons.

When I open it, it immediately prompts with an edit box "Enter file name here:" so I do just that. I have my code.hex file (Which runs perfectly when programmed with the Pickit3) and I get the error message "PIC Not Responding".

Where am I supposed to set the options ?

that the included readme.txt speaks of?? There is no command line interface. I have unzipped the ccsbootloader.exe file, but I don't know what to do with those files.

Entering anything other than a valid filename produces file not found errors.
The example in the readme.txt says:

ccsbootloader PORT=COM1 BAUD=9600 DEBUGT=debug.txt test.hex

but where do you enter this?? The only prompt I get when I run ccsbootloader.exe is "Enter file name:"

I tried running as administator.

TinyBootloader says this when I click "CheckPIC"
Connected to \\.\COM8 at 115200
Searching for PIC ..., Not found

Please someone help me here... I can't even get the example working with 2 days' struggles...
PCM programmer

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 5:26 pm     Reply with quote

I assume you installed ccsbootloader.exe in the PICC folder.

Open a Command Prompt windows. Change to the PICC folder.

Then type your command line:

ccsbootloader <options> .\path\filename.hex

Put in the path to your hex file in the location shown and it should run.
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