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nRF24L01+ full driver by Eduardo Guilherme Brandt
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Joined: 18 Jun 2017
Posts: 31

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:17 am     Reply with quote

Hello guys ,

I received my pics. I replaced my receiver by 18LF2520 and transmitter by 18LF2550.
It's LF now.
I have the same result.
I receive nothing....
Is it a problem of SPI config ?

Joined: 18 Jun 2017
Posts: 31

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:09 am     Reply with quote


You're right.

I had have an extra call to RF24_RX_SET().
I deleted this .

I catch the return of my function RF24_RX_SET() :
And I have an error : number 2

code of main prog :


#include <18F2520.h>  //18LF2520 is using
#DEVICE *=16    /*ICD=TRUE*/ PASS_STRINGS=IN_RAM /*HIGH_INTS=TRUE*/   //Admite ponteiros para constantes

#use delay(clock=16000000)
#use rs232(baud=9600,xmit=PIN_C6,rcv=PIN_C7,ERRORS)

#define RF24_SPI_DISABLE_WARNING  //for disabling nRF24 SPI warning message.

//********** DEFINE PORT NAMES
#define  SPI_MISO       PIN_B0   //SPI(Usar por hardware quando possivel)
#define  SPI_MOSI       PIN_B3   //SPI(Usar por hardware quando possivel)
#define  SPI_CLK        PIN_B1   //SPI(Usar por hardware quando possivel)

//Driver nRF24L01P.C
#define  RF24_IRQ       PIN_B2   //interrupcao nRF24L01+
#define  RF24_CS        PIN_C1   //chipselect nRF24L01+
#define  RF24_CE        PIN_C2   //chipEnable nRF24L01+
#define  RF24_PERFORMANCE_MODE   //performance mode ON
#define  RF24_SPI       STREAM_SPI2//Redirects SPI2 port to RS24_SPI stream


//INCLUDES_2   -  Drivers
#include <nRF24L01P.C>           //Driver nRF24L01+   Single Chip 2.4GHz Transceiver Driver

#include <STDLIB.H>

void main()
   int RXbuffer1[11];
   int RXdatasize, RXpipe;
   int i;
   int Result;
   printf("Initialisation of system in progress\r\n");


   Result=RF24_RX_SET();       //Receiver on
      printf("Config RX Ok\r\n");
      printf("Config RX KO\r\n");
      printf(" Result : %d\r\n",Result);
   printf("Initialisation of system\r\n");
   while(true) {
      while( RF24_RX_getbuffer(&RXpipe, &RXdatasize, RXbuffer1)!=true );
        printf("Number of bytes received = %u \n\r",RXdatasize);

And into the function RF24_RX_SET() :


int RF24_RX_SET() {    //Enhanced ShockBurst receiving payload(return 1 if ok, return other number if error)
int i,data;

   i = RF24_comm_in(R_REGISTER|FIFO_STATUS);
   if ((i&RX_FULL)==RX_FULL) return 0;                 //Error: RX FIFO buffer full flag, must be read before receive new packets(REVISION 1.1)
   data = RF24_comm_in(R_REGISTER|CONFIGURATION);
   if ((data&PWR_UP)!=PWR_UP) return 0x02;   //Error: Turn PWR_UP on before transmit
   data|=PRIM_RX;                            //1. Select RX by setting the PRIM_RX bit in the CONFIG register to high.
   All data pipes that receive
   data must be enabled (EN_RXADDR register), enable auto acknowledgement for all pipes running
   Enhanced ShockBurst (EN_AA register), and set the correct payload widths (RX_PW_Px registers).
   Set up addresses as described in item 2 in the Enhanced ShockBurst transmitting payload
   example above.
   RF24_enable();             //2. Start Active RX mode by setting CE high.
   //                         //3. After 130┬Ás nRF24L01+ monitors the air for incoming communication.   
   /*4. When a valid packet is received (matching address and correct CRC), the payload is stored in the
   RX-FIFO, and the RX_DR bit in STATUS register is set high. The IRQ pin is active when RX_DR is
   high. RX_P_NO in STATUS register indicates what data pipe the payload has been received in.
   5. If auto acknowledgement is enabled, an ACK packet is transmitted back, unless the NO_ACK bit
   is set in the received packet. If there is a payload in the TX_PLD FIFO, this payload is added to
   the ACK packet.*/
   //RF24_disable();          //6. MCU sets the CE pin low to enter standby-I mode (low current mode).
   //                         //7. MCU can clock out the payload data at a suitable rate through the SPI.
   //                         //8. nRF24L01+ is now ready for entering TX or RX mode or power down mode.
   return true;               //Success

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