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interrupt driven RS-232 for PIC16 w/o EUSART hardware

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interrupt driven RS-232 for PIC16 w/o EUSART hardware
PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:00 pm     Reply with quote

//     this is an interrupt driven routine that enhances the soft
//     RS-232 EUSART function of the CCS compiler. In this example
//     using 4.9152mhz external clock for zero error  baud division
//     NB: max safe baud rate 9600   using  9.83 mhz clock up to 19200
//     SO USING BUFFER OF 16 in this example
//     timer0 used to insure incoming packets are complete
//     before attempting a reply - to avoid char distortion and loss
//     due to interruption caused by the receive service,
//     while transmitting. do not transmit unless
//     you are clear of incoming characters
//     NB:  transmitting is NEVER safe in this mode
//     if ANY ints are enabled. suggest disabling int_ext before
//     a transmit attempt

#include <16f818.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#use delay( clock=4915200)
#use rs232(baud=9600 , xmit=PIN_B1, rcv=PIN_B0, sample_early)
#use fast_io(A)
#use fast_io(B)
#bit  T0IF    = 0x0B.2  // flag in INTCON reg

#define BUFFER_SIZE 16
BYTE next_in = 0,next_out = 0;
#define bkbhit (next_in!=next_out)

byte bgetc(void) {
   byte q; q=buffer[next_out++];    // NOTE : using GLObal return char variable
   if (BUFFER_SIZE==next_out) next_out=0;
   void serial_isr() {
   static int t;
   // NOTE: CCS getc() in this mode reads portB and clears the port INT
   buffer[next_in]=getc();  t=next_in++;
   if (BUFFER_SIZE==next_in) next_in=0;
   if(next_in==next_out)  next_in=t;           // Buffer full !!
void main()
    char v;  char t,z;  unsigned int8 a,b;
    setup_oscillator ( 4915200 ); //
    output_a (0); output_b (0);  set_tris_a (0xFF);  //  - all INPUT
    setup_timer_0( RTCC_DIV_64);  // set for rollovers ~12 ms holdoff later
    set_tris_b (0b00000001);  output_b (0);
    clear_interrupt( int_ext );
    printf ("*Hello*\r");  // just check output
    delay_ms(2000);  // delay to let me send a packet in
    while (1) {           // now how to getc AND send at same time..
      a=next_in;          // get mark of RX buffer 'in' position
      T0IF = 0; b=4;      // clear t0if and do 4x12 MS  ~ 50 msecs +/-
      while(b){           // TIMER0 just rolls over endlessly
             if (  T0IF  )  {   // not using INTS - just watching timer
                --b;  T0IF=0;
                if (!b && a==next_in ){ // unload IF no NU chars R caught
                   //  insert  your (safer) xmit routine here
                   while (bkbhit){ z=bgetc();}  //simple test
                }  // Implied ELSE - keep waiting
             } // END : IF t0if
       } //       END : WHILE B
    }  //         END : while  1
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