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MAX7219 Serial 8 digit seven segment display driver

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MAX7219 Serial 8 digit seven segment display driver
PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2009 12:49 am     Reply with quote

One of my student got some of these display drivers, MAX7219. As I was experimenting, I ended up writing the code to interface it with PIC18F4550. Here is the code and the example.

It won't compile with older version CCS C Compilers. With old version(I tested with 3.249) it will show compile time error "Arrays of bits are not permitted"

#define clk_delay 1
int1 nd;
unsigned int8 pos;
//concat two 8bit int and gives a 16 bit int
//helper function
unsigned int16 concat(unsigned int8 d1,unsigned int8 d2)
   unsigned int16 temp;
   return temp;
//since the segment sequence of MAX7219 is
//D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 D0
//DP  A  B  C  D  E  F  G   while according to convention it is
//DP  G  F  E  D  C  B  A
//One may avoide this my doing the proper changes in the circuit wiring but
//it will again lead to more complication because in CODE B decode mode the
//segment are just opposit to what u see in no decode mode. so in any case
//one need to use this helper function if he wants to use the chip in both
//no decode and decode modes.
unsigned int8 reverse(unsigned int8 nd_data)
   int1 D[8];
   unsigned int8 i;
   unsigned int8 temp;
      if(shift_left(&nd_data, 1, 0))

   return temp;
//Quite self explanatory
//it displays a data at the address given
//1 -> 1st digit
//8 -> 8th digit
//and dis_data is the data that is to be displayed there
void display(char adresse,char dis_data)
 char x;
 unsigned int16 dout;

 for (x=16;x>0;x--)
  if (bit_test(dout,x-1)) output_high(DATA);
  else output_low(DATA);


//use this function to continously put data in the digits
//without bothering about incremanting the address
//the address increment is done automatically
void seg_putc(unsigned int8 c)
//another variant of the display function if you use the hardware SPI
/*void display(char adresse,char dis_data)
//Takes an array of 8 datas and put them on the digits
//the dp decides the position of the decimal point
//1 -> decimal point on 1st digit
//8 -> decimal point on 8th digit
void display_digits(unsigned int8 arr[],unsigned int8 dp)
      unsigned int8 i;
      //int decimal;
      if(dp>8 || dp<1)
//intialize the display driver chip
//it takes the argument decode that decides whether the digits are
//decoded using CODE B scheme or they are not decoded at all
//0 -> No decode
//1 -> Decode
void display_init(int1 decode)
 display(0x0B,0x07);  // scan limit - 8 columns
 display(0x0C,0x01);  // Shutdown - normal mode
   display(0x09,0x00);  // decode mode = 0
   display(0x09,0xFF);  // decode mode = 1
 display(0x0A,0x07);  // intensity
 //display(0x0F,0x00);  // test

And the example code of how to use it

#include <18F4550.h>
#device adc=8

#FUSES NOWDT                    //No Watch Dog Timer
#FUSES WDT128                   //Watch Dog Timer uses 1:128 Postscale
#FUSES HSPLL                    //High Speed Crystal/Resonator with PLL enabled
#FUSES NOPROTECT                //Code not protected from reading
#FUSES BROWNOUT                 //Reset when brownout detected
#FUSES BORV20                   //Brownout reset at 2.0V
#FUSES NOPUT                    //No Power Up Timer
#FUSES NOCPD                    //No EE protection
#FUSES STVREN                   //Stack full/underflow will cause reset
#FUSES NODEBUG                  //No Debug mode for ICD
#FUSES NOLVP                      //No Low Voltage Programming on B3(PIC16) or B5(PIC18)
#FUSES NOWRT                    //Program memory not write protected
#FUSES NOWRTD                   //Data EEPROM not write protected
#FUSES IESO                     //Internal External Switch Over mode enabled
#FUSES FCMEN                    //Fail-safe clock monitor enabled
#FUSES PBADEN                   //PORTB pins are configured as analog input channels on RESET
#FUSES NOWRTC                   //configuration not registers write protected
#FUSES NOWRTB                   //Boot block not write protected
#FUSES NOEBTR                   //Memory not protected from table reads
#FUSES NOEBTRB                  //Boot block not protected from table reads
#FUSES NOCPB                    //No Boot Block code protection
#FUSES MCLR                     //Master Clear pin enabled
#FUSES LPT1OSC                  //Timer1 configured for low-power operation
#FUSES NOXINST                    //Extended set extension and Indexed Addressing mode enabled
#FUSES PLL5                     //Divide By 5(20MHz oscillator input)
#FUSES CPUDIV4                  //System Clock by 4
#FUSES USBDIV                   //USB clock source comes from PLL divide by 2
#FUSES VREGEN                   //USB voltage regulator enabled
#FUSES ICPRT                    //ICPRT enabled

#use delay(clock=48000000)
#use rs232(baud=9600,parity=N,xmit=PIN_C6,rcv=PIN_C7,bits=8)

#define     DATA       PIN_D7
#define     LOAD       PIN_D6
#define     CLK        PIN_D5

#include "MAX7219.c"

void main()
   int data1[8]={0x38,0x77,0x6F,0x54,0x77,0x1E,0x30,0x78};  //It writes LAgnAJit
   int data2[8]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8};

   display_init(0);           //No decode
   display_init(1);           //Decode as Code B
   seg_putc(4);               //update 1st digit to '4'
   display(8,3);              //Update 8th digit to '3'

Here are the code: the compiled hex and cof file and the Proteus test circuit.
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