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PK2CMD && CCS && RUBY[off topic]

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PK2CMD && CCS && RUBY[off topic]
PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 5:06 pm     Reply with quote

I'm not sure how many of you here are command line junkies. If you are, I've been using a ruby script that has been most helpful for running the command line version of the PICKit2.

You'll need these:
PK2CMD and more from microchip
Ruby for windows
Rupy for other OSes

-I don't keep more than one .hex in a given directory. If you do, this script will try and load all the .hex files it finds. YMMV.
-You must add pk2cmd.exe to your path.
-You must add ruby to your path, but the installers may do it for you.
-I have it set to release MCLR after programming.
-Copy, paste, and save it as whatever.rb
-Call the script with "ruby whatever.rb" from the directory that has the generated .hex file.
-Hope this helps. I know ruby is outside of this forum's scope. I promise it is easy to pickup though. Lots of good info out there.

#call script from the same directory
#that the compiled HEX file is in.
Dir.glob("*.hex").each do |f|
   path_to_file = File.path("#{f}").gsub('/', '\\')
   puts "#{f}"

  #ccs hex files have the devie
  #name inside.  This looks for
  #that name.
  query = 'PIC'
  names = File.readlines(path_to_file)
  matches = { |name| name[/#{query}/i] }
  device = matches[0].to_s.sub!(/^;/,'').chomp

  #use the device name and file to
  #create the command passed to the
  #pickit2 programmer-T
  command = "pk2cmd /P#{device} /R /M /F#{path_to_file}"

  #program the device and return
  #the stderr display
  pk2 = (IO.popen "#{command}")
  puts pk2.readlines

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