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PIC18F87J60 no UART2 interrupt

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PIC18F87J60 no UART2 interrupt
PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:34 am     Reply with quote

I can't seem to get UART on my PIC18F87J60 to generate an interrupt. PCWH version 5.021. TTL signals at good at RX2 (RG2) at 9600 baud


#use rs232(baud=9600,UART2,parity=N,bits=8,ERRORS,stream=PC)

interrupt code:

//RS232 Com PC Interrupt
void  RDA_isr(void)
   Char_In= fgetc(PC);
   if ((Char_In >= 0x61) && (Char_In <= 0x7A))         //if lower case, then...
      Char_In = Char_In - 0x20;                     //change to upper case
   Char_In_Buffer = TRUE;


void main()

char   Temp_In;

//Initialize external devices

Can_Edit= FALSE;                     //can't edit parameters on PC screen to start
Last_Menu= 0;                        //set both last and current menu to 0
Menu= 0;
output_low(Fan2_Drive);               // Set CCP2 output low
output_low(Fan1_Drive);               // Set CCP1 output low

setup_ccp1(CCP_PWM);                 // Configure CCP1 as Fan1 drive
setup_ccp2(CCP_PWM);                 // Configure CCP2 as Fan2 drive

setup_timer_2(T2_DIV_BY_16, Max_Duty, 1);  // 500 Hz     

setup_timer_1(T1_INTERNAL | T1_DIV_BY_1); 

//Interrupt enables:
//clear_interrupt(INT_CCP3);             // Clear the CCP1 interrupt flag before we enable CCP1 interrupts, so that we don't get an unwanted
enable_interrupts(INT_RDA2);         //enable PC communications
enable_interrupts(GLOBAL);            //enable global interrupts

//PC communication initialization
Char_In_Buffer= FALSE;
index= 0;
Got_Param_Num = FALSE;
Menu= 0;
for (index= 0 ; index <= 4 ; index++)
    Char_Buffer[index]= 0;

//Restore Operational values on boot-up


Temp_In = read_ext_eeprom(2);





   if (Char_In_Buffer)
      Char_In_Buffer= FALSE;

Anything look wrong here?

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