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another WS2812 library

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another WS2812 library
PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:34 am     Reply with quote

My code uses the UART to output the time-critical waveforms required to control WS2812 LEDs. It will not work on any PIC since it requires:
* INVERTED UART OUTPUT (could also be done in hardware)
* 64 MHz clock (should also work on 32MHz, not tested)

Here is an example of the waveform:

Here is the code for the library with a small demo.


#include <18LF46K22.h> 


#use delay(clock=64000000)
#use rs232(stream=LED_STREAM, baud=8000000, xmit=PIN_C6, rcv=PIN_C7,bits=8,parity=N,stop=0,ERRORS,INVERT)

#define NUM_LEDS 24

#define HI_BIT   192   // 0b11000000
#define LOW_BIT   252   // 0b11111100

//==========global  variables:===========

byte grn [NUM_LEDS];
byte blu [NUM_LEDS];
byte red [NUM_LEDS];

void SendByte (byte b) {
   byte i;
   // send 8 bits, MSB first.
    // for each bit send a CHAR that creates the bit's waveform
   for(i=0;i<8;i++) {
      if(bit_test(b,7)) fputc(HI_BIT,LED_STREAM);
      else fputc(LOW_BIT,LED_STREAM);

void Draw (){
      unsigned int8 i;
   // send all data to LEDs
   // data order to transmit is G,R,B, 8 bits each.
   for (i=0;i<NUM_LEDS;i++){

void initArray() {
   byte i;
   // assuming 24 LEDs:
   for(i=0;i<NUM_LEDS;i++) {
      // red channel:
      if(i<6) red[i]=i*51;
      else if(i<12) red[i]=(11-i)*51;
      else red[i]=0;
      // grn channel:
      if(i<8) grn[i]=0;
      else if(i<14) grn[i]=(i-8)*51;
      else if(i<20) grn[i]=(19-i)*51;
      else grn[i]=0;
      // blu channel:
      if(i<4) blu[i]=(3-i)*51;
      else if(i<16) blu[i]=0;
      else if(i<22) blu[i]=(i-16)*51;
      else blu[i]=(27-i)*51;
void Rotate() {
   byte r,g,b,i;

   // rotate colors in array. This is only for demo.
   for(i=1;i<NUM_LEDS;i++) {

void main(){
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