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18f46k22 RS232 not work in real test (SOLVED)

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:15 pm     Reply with quote

Can I say, why do people refer to Proteus, when they mean Isis.... Smile

Proteus, is a very good schematic PCB package. I use it. It has an attached simulator (Isis), which is also competent for analog simulation. It also links to a PCB drafting package (Ares).

The first problem with Isis, is that PIC's are just too varied for it. For example the rules that work for the I2C on one PIC will be wrong for another, but the supplied rules don't cope with this. Biggest problem though is that it takes what you tell it as gospel. If you say "I'm using a 10MHz clock", it'll accept this, even if the selected oscillator fuses haven't got a hope of working. It also has more complex problems when you use a lot of peripherals. Often telling you things won't work, when they are from working chips, or that they will, when the decoupling is incompetent....

It will work for basic PIC configurations, if setup correctly, but these are the ones that any experienced PIC user would know without trying. Unfortunately for anything more complex, it is likely to mislead you. It is too easy to generate configurations that won't work in the real world, but run in the simulation.

I have Proteus, Ares, and Isis. I use Proteus and Ares to draw PCB's. I will sometimes use Isis rather than Spice for analog. However Isis and the PIC, I consider 'useless'.

Unfortunately a large number of educators seem 'unaware' of it's limitations, and encourage students to use it.

Best Wishes
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