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Servo Position Test Box for Robotics

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Arizona Chris

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Servo Position Test Box for Robotics
PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:19 am     Reply with quote

This is a handy tool for your robotics work. It allows you to turn a knob on a pot and adjust the servo pulse output from .5 to 2.5mS, more than enough for the full range of servo movements. The LCD display is a Scott Edwards type and displays four digits of about 10 bit resolution on the pulse width. Very handy since you can use this exact number for a micro controller in a robot or other project to set it in that same spot

I have posted a write up with schematics on my web page as well, for furthur info.

//Chris Schur
//Servoboard Knob test box:  12F675
//Date:  1/4/15
/*Description of this Program: This program Will take the push button controlled
servo test board, add a pot and use that instead to vary the pulse output from
.5ms to 2.5ms

//I/O Designations ---------------------------------------------------
// A0 (GPIO0):  (An0) POT INPUT
// A1 (GPIO1):  (An1) LCD & LED OUT
// A3 (GPIO3):  X (can ONLY be input)
// A4 (GPIO4):  XTAL OUT (An3)
// A5 (GPIO5):  XTAL IN

//Include Files:
#include <12F675.h>  //Normally chip, math, etc.  used is here.
//Directives and Defines:
#device ADC=10  //This directive will only work if put RIGHT HERE first...
#use delay(crystal=10MHz)
#use fast_io(A)
#use rs232(baud = 9600, xmit=Pin_A1, bits=8, parity=N, INVERT, stream = SERIAL)

//Global Variables:
//Functions/Subroutines, Prototypes:

//-- Main Program
void main(void) {
   // Set TRIS I/O directions, define analog inputs, compartors:
        set_tris_A(0b101001);  //sets port directions
        //(analog inputs digital by default)
   //Initialize variables and Outputs:  --------------------------------------
    int16 result; //0 - 1023 out of ADC
    int16 on_pulse;   //servo high pulse width in uS
    output_low(PIN_A1);   //turn off status led
while (true)  {
    //First read ADC
    result = read_adc();
    //calculate pulse width:
    on_pulse = (2*result) +500;    //for a range of .5mS to 2.5mS
    //next send pulse to servo output:
    output_high(PIN_A2); //servo out = 1   
    delay_us(on_pulse);  //high time
    output_low(PIN_A2);  //turn off pulse   
    delay_ms(4);        //space between pulses=20 with lcd serial delays
    fputc(12,SERIAL);    //Clear screen
    fputs(" uS",SERIAL);
//********* Functions which have prototypes at top of program ****************
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