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AT93C46A 16bit EEPROM driver arbitrary PINS

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AT93C46A 16bit EEPROM driver arbitrary PINS
PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2014 3:34 pm     Reply with quote

i had to use a clients "old stock" in a project update-
the ATMEL brand --AT93C46A
which has very SLOW timing constraints and is ONLY
able to run in a fixed 16 bit mode, with 64 addresses...
there is no CCS standard driver-
this could easily be re-purposed to other 16 bit eeproms,
and needed to be "bit-bang" as only arbitrary pins were free
in the design to host the part. ( ended up using MCLR pin as Data receiver!)

// ATMEL AT 93C46A  , contrary EEPROM with ONLY 16 bit mode for R/W
// DEP 5/2014   supports addresses 0-63  for a smoking 64 16 bit WORDS
#define EE_CS PIN_A2
#define EE_CK PIN_C0
#define EE_DI PIN_C4
#define EE_DO PIN_A3

// CMD=0 EWEN  enable erase/write
// CMD=1 EWDS  disable  "     "
// CMD=2 ERAL  ALL bytes erase
// NOTE1: CMD 2 MUST be preceded by a CMD 0
// NOTE2: ERASE single(address)  byte not supported since
//        chip will overwrite an address w/o a previous unitary erase

void EE_SENDCMD( int8 cmd){
  byte cmdout;    //  ^^^^^
  int8 i;
  #bit sbit=cmdout.7
  output_low(EE_DI);   output_low(EE_CS);   output_low(EE_CK);

  if(2==cmd) cmdout=0b10010000; // ERAL =EraseAll addresses
  else if (1==cmd) cmdout=0b10000000;
  else  cmdout=0b10011000;


  for (i=0; i!=5; i++ ){
   if (sbit) output_high(EE_DI);
   else     output_low(EE_DI);
   delay_cycles(2);     output_high(EE_CK);     cmdout <<= 1;
   delay_cycles(1);     output_low(EE_CK);      delay_cycles(2);
   output_low(EE_CK);    output_low(EE_DI);
 for (i=0; i!=4; i++){    output_high(EE_CK);   delay_cycles(2);        output_low(EE_CK); delay_cycles(2);
   delay_cycles(2);    output_low(EE_CS);

void init_46_eeprom(void) {     ee_sendcmd(0); }

//  setup_timer_0( T0_INTERNAL|RTCC_DIV_64); // 15 msec  per tick
//  with 4.1943 mhz cystal

void W_eeprom( unsigned int8 address, unsigned int16 data) {

  byte cmdout=0b10100000;    //  ^^^^^

  int8 i;
  #bit sbit=cmdout.7
  #bit dbit=data.15
  #bit abit=address.5
  output_low(EE_DI);   output_low(EE_CS);   output_low(EE_CK);
  output_high(EE_CS);  delay_cycles(1);
  // send cmd header
  for (i=0; i!=3; i++){ // send command prefix
   if(sbit) output_high(EE_DI);
   else     output_low(EE_DI);
   delay_cycles(1);    output_high(EE_CK);   cmdout <<=1;   output_low(EE_CK);
  output_low(EE_DI);   // header is out - now for address
   for (i=0; i!=6; i++){
   if(abit) output_high(EE_DI);
   else     output_low(EE_DI);
   delay_cycles(2);    output_high(EE_CK);   address <<=1;   output_low(EE_CK);
// now send data
  for (i=0; i!=16; i++){
   if(dbit) output_high(EE_DI);
   else     output_low(EE_DI);
   delay_cycles(1);    output_high(EE_CK);    data <<=1;
   output_low(EE_CK);     delay_cycles(1);   
 output_low(EE_DI);  delay_cycles(2);
 // now instead of fixed delay wait for chip or timer to exit
 set_timer0(0);  // you can use delay_ms(15) instead here
 do{    delay_cycles(2);  } while ( !T0IF );
 // up to 15 msecs  for the write to 'take' using system timer0
  output_low(EE_CS); // lower chip select and go
// read a 16 bit value back from EEPROM
unsigned int16 R_eeprom(byte address) {

  byte cmdout=0b11000000;    //  ^^^^^
  unsigned int16 Rdata=0;
  int8 i;
  #bit sbit=cmdout.7
  #bit abit=address.5
  output_low(EE_DI);   output_low(EE_CS);   output_low(EE_CK);   output_high(EE_CS);
  // send cmd header
  for (i=0; i!=3; i++){
   if(sbit) output_high(EE_DI);
   else     output_low(EE_DI);
   delay_cycles(1);    output_high(EE_CK);    cmdout <<=1;    output_low(EE_CK);
 // header is out - now for address

  for (i=0; i!=6; i++){
   if(abit) output_high(EE_DI);
   else     output_low(EE_DI);
   delay_cycles(1);    output_high(EE_CK);    address <<=1;   output_low(EE_CK);
  output_low(EE_DI);  // now to read data
for (i=0; i!=16; i++){
     rdata |= input_state(EE_DO); // EEPROM data   OR input pin with 16bit integer
     if (i !=15) rdata <<=1;         // and shift that bit along toward MSB
   output_low(EE_CK);    output_low(EE_DI);    output_low(EE_CS);
// DEMO of sending two bytes instead of one int16 word to W_EEPROM()
void save2bytes( unsigned int8 addr, byte hibyte, byte lobyte){
        W_eeprom( addr, MAKE16(hibyte,lobyte);

any suggestions to make it neater and sweeter always accepted.
Very Happy Very Happy
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