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Mach X Checksum mismatch

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Mach X Checksum mismatch
PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:15 am     Reply with quote

Hi guys,

I'm (was) using a mach-x to program a PIC12F508/9
Due to some problems with the I/O I was bending the legs of the chip out of the board it was controlling so I could test stuff isolated (using LEDs and multimeters).
Because the legs were bent, I was having to hold the chip down on the programmer to keep the contact, but the problem started when it got some poor contact and I heard some electricity sound. Rolling Eyes

After that, the mach x were just returning errors on any operation on CCS-Load. I re-loaded the flash on it, and it started to operate "normally", or at least it looked like it did.
The thing is... now absolutely nothing that I had working before on the software is working anymore. Actually nothing happens. Even if I program simple stuff such as sleep(333) output_high sleep(333) output_low is not doing anything.

In further investigation I took note of the .hex file checksum and size and flash it on a chip. After that I "Read from chip" creating a new file, as expected the new file it's the whole chip memory (bigger than the original), but the checksum is different Confused .

Anyone can help? Can any one replicate the procedure (flash, read back, compare checksums)? Did I really burned the machx or am I just been really stupid on something on the software? Is there any configuration on the mach x I might be missing after re-loading its flash?

any help is appreciated...
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