Embedded Internet Development Kit

Embedded Internet Development Kit
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Tools Includedw/Compiler
Compiler SoftwarePCWH  
Prototyping boardXXX
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*Hardware only and proto-boards are intended for customers already owning a CCS compiler.

The CCS Embedded Internet Development Kit is an evaluation kit for demonstrating TCP/IP and internet connectivity. This kit includes the powerful PCWH Integrated Development Environment with compiler support for Microchip's PIC® PIC10, PIC12, PIC16 and PIC18 families and an ICD-U64 in-circuit programmer/debugger that supports C-aware real time debugging. Both a 56k modem and a 10MB ethernet connection are provided for internet access. CCS provides a port of Microchip's TCP/IP stack, an API for developing TCP/IP applications.

Two distinct example programs are included to demonstrate applications. The first example is a simple webserver, which allows web clients to view the potentiometer reading from anywhere in the world using a web browser. The second example is an SMTP/E-Mail client, which shows how to send E-mails.

A schematic is provided to show how to add a 56K modem or Realtek 8019A to your own applications.

NOTE: In order to use the modem you need an Internet Service Provider with PPP access.

Embedded Internet Prototyping Board (Size: 5.875" x 2.875") includes:

Prototyping Board Image
  • PIC18F6722
  • 6 I/O Pins (1 Can Be Analog)
  • Realtek 8019A NE2000 Compatible NIC IC, with Ethernet jack
  • Integrated 56K Modem, with Phone jack
  • RS-232 port and RS-232 level converter
  • Two Potentiometers
  • Two Pushbuttons
  • Two LEDs
  • ICD jack

Embedded Internet Development Kit includes:

  • Embedded Internet Prototyping Board
  • In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer
  • Exercise Tutorial
  • 9V AC Adapter and Cables

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