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Device Programmers

TechToolsProfessional Quality
Microchip WebSiteAlways up to date with newest chips
Crownhill AssociatesLocated in the UK
Phyton, Inc.
ProPic Home Page
Dataman Programmers Ltd Generic
xeltek - programmer manufacturerGeneric
Advin Systems Universal ProgrammerGeneric
Maxking Interfaces LimitedOnly 876 and 84
PonyProg - Serial device programmerKit/Plans
Data Action Gang programmers
Ozitronics - Electronic KitsKit
In-Circuit Solutions - Targeted SolutionsICSP
SMART CommunicationsUK Distributer
PICmicroKit, Assembled, DIY, ICSP, flash only
ProuC.deIn-circuit, other
PicBlaster PIC programmerPlans

Prototyping Boards

microEngineering LabsLCD, LED, Buttons, RS232 and a lot more
Microchip WebSiteVarious boards
PMB Electronics18 Pin, relays, RTC, EE
EDTP Electronics HomeInternet
Iosoft - TCP/IP LeanTCP/IP
Chuck Hellebuyck's Electronic Products40 pin, RS232, breadboard
J R Kerr - Motion Control SpecialistsServo Controller stuff
EMICROS: Embedded Micro16F876 with breadboard
The WorkbenchGraphic LCD, RS232, MMC
Oricom Technologies Home PageRobotics
Modtronix - PIC Based SBC...Modular PIC hardware and solutions
DLP Design PIC DevelopmentUSB
MicrostepStepper motor driver board
PICmicro® MCU StudioA large number of sample educational boards
DH MicroSystems, Inc.
mikroelektronika LED, Switches, RS232, LCD, optocouplers, and more
PIC-KITSKeypad/LCD, Webserver, GPS, Cellular interface

PIC Applications

Ubiquitous ComputingMediaCup Project
More Power!Power line monitor
PIC Weather ProcessorWeather Station
zws.com - projectsLED billboard
Dan Creagan's RoboticsVarious Robotics Projects
Open Source DIY MP3MP3 Player
EPE PIC MirrorMany full projects
ProjectsPOCSAG decoder
Clint TurnerPSK31 MedFer Beacon
Doug Rice's Home PageLCD, LED stuff
PIC / Ubicom Dev'rs - What's New?Various articles
PicBasic Pro,PicBasic,Basic StampGraphics LCD and much more
Iosoft - TCP/IP LeanTCP/IP
MIDI Hardware KitsMIDI DIY Hardware Designs
www.uCApps.de MIDI DIY Projects
Ham Radio Online - Morse Code Reader
Other PIC Projects by the Old CrowMIDI